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How the latter two networks covered the recent Buzzfeed Trump/Cohen story, or the Covington High School students – after the release of the videos that proved the reality to be the opposite of what they were reporting – serves as merely one of countless examples of willful and shamelessly-irresponsible and dishonest left-wing bias and propaganda masquerading as news – for which both CNN and MSNBC (the fake-news networks) – are widely known. Unlike CNN and MSNBC, who constantly have to (and sadly, far more often choose not to) correct breathtakingly inaccurate “news” coverage, Fox News Network is widely known – by its viewers as well as its honest critics – for consistently getting it right the first time.

More telling is the fact that the vast majority of CNN and MSNBC viewers not only don’t mind the astonishing levels of bias and dishonesty which comprise the “news” coverage of those networks, they in fact prefer it that way, as it’s far less stressful than having their ideological convictions challenged – which is why, in fairness, it’s really not saying all that much for the Fox News Network to have ratings exceeding those of CNN and MSNBC combined. After all, so do children’s cartoons.

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No, it would never happen. The merger would be widely opposed by various individuals, groups, corporations, and politicians arguing that it would reduce competition while increasing ad costs operating as a virtual monopoly in the political broadcast segment.

Consider how such a consolidation, would favor NBC, given that NBC owns MSNBC, this would give NBC and MSNBC, now the owners of FOX, the powder to dictate editorial policy, oversee and set programming and content, plus control the hiring and firing of FOX personnel. As might be imagined, the new FOX would look nothing like the old FOX even if they intended on keeping its right-leaning bent. The new owners would insist on journalist standards demanding honesty in reporting and presentation, as well as fairness and balance in presenting News stories. This would be the new order of the day, and after all who could Trump and the Republicans count on for their lies, smears, half-truths, propaganda and 100% media support if FOX was purchased by NBC?

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